Une jeune fille dans un bidonville - (c) Olivier Papegnies pour MdM

Annual report 2018

Institutional reports
The resurgence of autocrats, the rise to power of the far right in Austria, Italy and Brazil, brutal and unpredictable power in the United States, withdrawal and rejection have marked the international scene in 2018. The construction of peace the reduction of the social divide or the fight against climate change seem secondary. In France, year two of the five-year Macron devoted the break of the social contract to the French. Between those who count and those of little. The ones that are worth and the ones that cost.

Certainly, a citizen awareness emerges. We support coalitions of common causes that are forming. But this mobilization is not yet sufficient to influence the dominant strategies.

Faced with health issues that, in unfair, violent, painful contexts are constantly increasing and becoming more complex, Médecins du Monde is evolving while reaffirming its values ​​and its fight against social injustice, against non-access to healthcare vulnerable people in all parts of the world. Our caring action is a "transformative interference" between an individual and society. It is a humanitarian and political act.

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