90 €Average daily amount to take charge of an uncompagnied minor
160 €Care for 40 children suffering from malnutrition
200 €2 consultations for women who have been victims of violence in Uganda.
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Family Planning 2020 - Activity Report 2017

Médecins du Monde (MDM) supports civil society and youth initiatives for the right to information on sexual and reproductive health. © Olivier Papegnies

Family Planning 2020 - Activity Report 2017

Today, 214 million women living in developing countries are unable to avoid or delay pregnancy because of lack of access to family planning services.

For more than 30 years, Médecins du Monde has been pushing for universal access to sexual and reproductive health services, and advocates for the right of all women and girls to freely decide
whether or not to have children.

Women and girls should have access to comprehensive information about their sexuality, their contraceptive choices, and appropriate and quality health services, including safe and legal abortion care.

In July 2017, at the occasion of the London Family Planning Summit 2020, MDM made a commitment to promote access to family planning for one million people, including 150,000 young people, in 13 countries, focusing on 3 priorities: young people and adolescents, crisis contexts, and Francophone Africa.