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In Brief 2016

Institutional reports

Doctors of the World France continues its commitment in countries in crisis where civilians see no respite and where humanitarian principles are not respected. In Syria in particular, where we denounced the repeated and unacceptable targeting of healthcare facilities and humanitarian workers. But also in neighbouring Iraq, in Yemen, Nigeria and Haiti, where we intervened following the devastating passage of Hurricane Matthew.

Guided by an irrational fear of those who come primarily to seek respite, the European Union leaves migrants and refugees in infamous camps, closes borders in the Schengen area, and places unaccompanied minors in detention. Wherever we intervene, we treat wounds, support asylum claims, appeal to decision-makers and denounce agreements which block exhausted migrants in inhuman situations.

In 2016, Doctors of the World celebrated 30 years of activism in France. 30 years of denunciation of social and regional inequalities and of active struggle against unequal access to healthcare. We continue to hammer home the point that programmes dedicated to people in precarious situations often isolate them from the mainstream when they should be bringing them closer. There is a need to strengthen the participation of people in decisions that affect them. This is a key lever for social transformation.

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