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Falling through the cracks: The Failure of Universal Healthcare Coverage in Europe

Reports of the Observatory
The annual Observatory Report is produced by the European Network to Reduce Vulnerabilities in Health, which brings together MdM programmes, partner NGOs and academics who seek to reduce EU-wide health inequalities. It is an observational study of people who are excluded from mainstream healthcare services.

The purpose of the report is to present data, analysed and validated by a leading epidemiologist, on people who are excluded from mainstream healthcare services, alongside testimonies and photos collected in programmes run by MdM and partner NGOs. It is aimed at policy makers at local, regional, national and EU level, providing them with the evidence base on reducing vulnerabilities in health and identifying ways that health systems could become more responsive and adapted. It is also valuable for academics  to acquire greater understanding about how vulnerabilities contribute to health inequalities, and vice versa.


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