Annual report 2016

Niger enfant rapport moral © Olivier Papegnies

Annual report 2016

Institutional reports
In 2016, Doctors of the World continued its commitment to countries in crisis where civilians saw no respite. From Ukraine to Yemen, from Nigeria to Syria, humanitarian principles have not been respected. We denounced the extreme difficulty of access to people, the massacres, acts of torture, and encirclement strategies to starve the population.

In Syria in particular, the conflict that has been raging for more than five years, has forced 6 million internally displaced people and 5 million refugees into exile and killed 400,000 people, most of them civilians. Throughout the year, particularly during the East Aleppo siege, we denounced the repeated and unacceptable targeting of healthcare facilities and humanitarian workers.

We paid tribute to the victims and the courage of the health workers who, risking their lives, continue to help the Syrian people. In neighbouring Iraq, a state undermined by sectarian and political divisions, violence and military operations resulted in more than 16,000 civilian casualties in 2016. The humanitarian
context is dramatic: 3.3 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 5.5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.

In partnership with the Kurdistan health authorities, we carried out close to 167,000 consultations with the Yazidi population in the Dohuk and Kirkuk governorates. Eternal scapegoats, persecuted by Islamic State which still enslaves thousands of women and children, the Yazidi population is suffering profoundly from trauma and we are trying to respond.

The same goes for the people who fled Mosul, refugees in the Sunni Arab villages, where we are providing support in Nineveh governorate.