Annual Report 2015

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Annual Report 2015

Institutional reports
This year, their number exceeded the milestone of 60 million, mainly because the war in Syria is causing the largest population displacement in decades, but also due to ongoing conflicts elsewhere in the world. To support our work and in partnership with the international MdM network, we denounced the criminalisation of refugees and the unacceptable conflation of refugees and terrorists. We call relentlessly for the welcome and protection all people deserve when fleeing conflict, violence and the arbitrary acts of the states. The principle of sustainable migration on human, cultural and economic grounds shapes our policies.

It is essential to open safe and legal migration routes. The journey is particularly dangerous for children and women travelling alone, exposed to increased risks of violence. While Greece and Italy take on a huge part of the reception of migrants, the lack of solidarity between EU Member States is obvious, reflecting a deficit in strategy and political vision.

Once again, in 2015 our teams worked all along the migration routes. In France, the work in Calais embodied this commitment. Calais, symbol of the failure of the authorities. Calais, where our work has intensified as the situation of thousands of refugees has become more and more alarming. For the first time in its history, MdM developed an emergency operation on this site, based on the way we work in our international programmes. In October 2015, we went before the Lille Administrative Tribunal and the French Council of State to require the government to take swift action to address the basic needs of all. The government was ordered to give immediate shelter to hundreds of unaccompanied minors.