Privés d'accès à la santé à cause de l'insécurité qui règne au Burkina Faso, les Burkinabè n'ont parfois d'autre choix que de partir de chez eux © Mylène Zizzo
The People’s Coalition for the Sahel urges governments to uphold their commitments to protect civilians and fight impunity.
La Tanzanie est un des hauts lieux de transit du trafic d’héroïne © William Daniels
We are deeply shocked and most strongly condemn the circumstances leading to and the killing of aid workers Maria Hernandez, Yohannes Haleform Reda and Tedros Gebremariam Gebremichael in Tigray.
Médecins du Monde codéveloppe des projets humanitaires en Ethiopie avec les forces vives locales © Quentin Top
In light of two recent attacks on humanitarian workers in Ethiopia , the Humanitarian INGOs (HINGOs) call for the protection of humanitarian staff and civilians and the enabling of assistance to reach people in need.
Somalia’s last major famine, which killed 260,000 people, echoes ever louder in the East African state today, as ongoing drought casts the nation to the brink of another devastating crisis.
Several African countries (including Yemen, Nigeria, South Sudan and Somalia) currently face a serious food crisis: Doctors of the World-Médecins du Monde (MdM) has strengthened its activities and calls on an urgent reaction of the international community in order to facilitate humanitarian access.
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