Aide à la lecture

How to use our audio player

This tool reads aloud the text on our website. This means the content is more accessible and the visit is more enjoyable. You do not need to download anything.

If you select some text, a "listen" button automatically appears next to the mouse cursor, so you can quickly use the player for the chosen text.


To listen to the main content

Simply click on "Listen" to hear the content of the webpage read out.


An audio player will appear and ReadSpeaker will begin to read aloud the webpage content.


With the audio player, you can

  • Pause/restart playing
  • Stop playing
  • Use the progress bar to find certain points in the audio
  • Adjust the volume
  • Click on 'settings' to customise the player
  • Click on 'download' to download the audio file
  • Close the player

You can use tab/shift+tab to navigate between the player's buttons and press enter to activate a particular button or link.


To listen to selected text

You can highlight part of the text that you want to hear and click on "Listen" which will appear next to the mouse cursor.



In the Settings, you can:

  • Choose if you want the read-out text to be highlighted
  • Choose whether the text is highlighted according to word, sentence or both.
  • Choose the highlight style and colours
  • Opt to display the current sentence in large font at the bottom of the page, simultaneously with the text highlighted
  • Choose reading speed – slow, normal or fast.
  • Choose whether the page will automatically scroll along with the highlighted text
  • Choose whether the "Listen" button appears or not when text has been selected
  • Restore original settings

You can also listen to the settings by clicking on the listen button in the top right of the settings menu.


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