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International network

MdM’s international network is made up of 14 members: Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Spain, USA, France, Greece, Japan, Holland, Portugal, UK, Sweden and Switzerland

An overview of the international network members

In 2012, MdM’s international network altogether implemented 316 programmes in 78 countries: 147 international programmes in 65 countries along with 169 national programmes in 14 countries. MdM’s international network’s associations implement programmes that re-establish, or more often than not, offer access to healthcare to the most vulnerable populations.


International programmes in 65 countries

• Africa, with 54 programmes in 26 countries;

• Americas, 41 programmes in 13 countries;

• Asia, 28 programmes in 14 countries;

• Middle-East, 26 programmes in 8 countries;

• Europe, 3 programmes in 3 countries.

National programmes in 14 network countries

In Médecins du Monde’s international network countries (Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, Greece, Japan, Holland, Portugal, United-Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland), 169 national programmes are ran daily, mainly by volunteer teams, to help people access to healthcare. 

In most countries, people who have no residence permit live in utmost precarity and have their rights constantly baffled. That is why MdM carries out programmes for access to healthcare and prevention in all countries whilst also striving to guarantee compliance with international conventions that protect children and pregnant women, but also fundamental rights such as access to healthcare for all.

Other programmes are carried out for the homeless as their living conditions have terrible impacts on their health. Mobile actions are set up in most countries, sometimes alongside specific facilities for homeless individuals who suffer from mental pathologies.

Roma populations suffer as much discrimination where they set foot as in their home countries. That is why MdM teams in France and Greece set out to meet families where they live (most often in unhealthy camps), or welcome them in centers (in Germany or Belgium) to facilitate their access to vaccination and healthcare with a special emphasis on pregnant women and children.

Sex workers, both men and women, often migrants, face many risks (customer violence, harassment from police forces, exploitation, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.).  Added to that is fierce stigmatization. Thanks to these mobile units, MdM reaches out to them on the streets but also in clubs, massage salons… to work on risk reduction.

It is mostly difficult for drug users to protect their health as they are often alienated and live underground because of drug penalization. MdM teams provide them with sterile injection material, equipment for other consumption modes, information on products and drug-related harm reduction. 

Many other programmes are carried out by the teams (genital mutilation, child lead poisoning, support to the elderly, medical and social presence in suburban neighbourhoods, etc.).

Transversally, MdM teams work in their own country with international bodies towards better access to healthcare for all, better prevention and treatment of Aids/HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis, a reduction in unequal access to healthcare facilities and rights whatever one’s administrative status.     



» Médecins du Monde Germany Chairman: Pr Jochen Zenker www.aerztederwelt.org

» Médecins du Monde Argentina Chairman: M. Gonzalo Basile www.mdm.org.ar

» Médecins du Monde Belgium Chairman: Pr Michel Roland www.medecinsdumonde.be

» Médecins du Monde Canada Chairman: Dr Nicolas Bergeron www.medecinsdumonde.ca

» Médecins du Monde Spain Chairman: Dr Alvaro Gonzalez www.medicosdelmundo.org

» Médecins du Monde USA Chairman: Pr Ron Waldman www.doctorsoftheworld.org

» Médecins du Monde France Chairman: Dr Thierry Brigaud www.medecinsdumonde.org

» Médecins du Monde Greece Chairman: Dr Liana Maili www.mdmgreece.gr

» Médecins du Monde Japan Chairman: M. Gaël Austin www.mdm.or.jp

» Médecins du Monde Netherlands Chairman: M. Paul Meijs www.doktersvandewereld.org

» Médecins du Monde Portugal Chairman: Dr Abílio Antunes www.medicosdomundo.pt

» Médecins du Monde United-Kingdom Chairman: Mrs. Janice Hughes www.doctorsoftheworld.org.uk

» Médecins du Monde Sweden Chairman: Mrs. Hedda Iseline www.lakareivarlden.org

» Médecins du Monde Switzerland Chairman: Dr Bernard Borel www.medecinsdumonde.ch