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Promoting sexual and reproductive health

Clandestine abortions cause obstetric complications and the death of many women in Uruguay.

However, since 2008, by law, women who have terminated their pregnancies are supposed to be given support so that these risks are limited. In Uruguay and all of Latin America, civil society is campaigning for the decriminalisation of abortion. MdM is supporting the organisations MYSU and IS, promoting the exchange of experiences and supporting advocacy in favour of the right to safe and legal termination of pregnancy.

Promoting sexual and reproductive health


MdM supports the actions of the Uruguayan organisation MYSU (association of activists for women’s rights) and IS (association of health professionals). These NGOs are working together to set up sexual and reproductive health services in six departments and to promote access to safe and legal abortion. Also, by facilitating a regional platform, MdM is supporting the activities of civil society stakeholders who are engaged in the defence and promotion of sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America.


In September, with the support of MdM, a workshop was organised in Montevideo, where civil society organisations from five countries of the continent (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay) came together. The objective was to stimulate an exchange of knowledge and practices which would encourage initiatives aimed at changing attitudes and medical practices in these countries.


The project will adapt to the changing framework, with the bill to decriminalise abortion in Uruguay currently under debate in Parliament. The regional dimension will continue, in particular through a new workshop to exchange information on practices.

August 2012