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Programme combiné de santé reproductive et de microfinance

Despite the progress that has been made, use of sexual and reproductive health services in the mountainous regions of Nepal remains insufficient. In Sindhupalchok district, only five per cent of deliveries take place in healthcare centres, which are inaccessible and lacking in qualified personnel and equipment. MdM is working both in health centres and in the communities to increase accessibility and improve the quality of healthcare.

Combined programme of reproductive health and microfinance

» Sindhupalchok district


MdM is working with women of childbearing age in microfinance centres in 10 cantons. The women meet regularly to discuss reproductive and sexual health before then participating in training sessions on saving and credit matters. In particular, they learn how to access funds in case of obstetric emergency. The aim of these meetings amongst very disadvantaged women is to improve their access to quality healthcare, particularly during pregnancy. MdM provides support to 10 healthcare centres, supplying medicines and medical equipment, and training healthcare personnel. The referral system and emergency obstetric healthcare are reinforced. This programme encourages community involvement and sustainable access to reproductive healthcare.


66 health professionals trained in reproductive healthcare, 3, 580 women advised, 9,813 homes with access to obstetric emergency funding.


In 2012, the emphasis will be on the improving the reception and quality of care in the health centres involved, with a view to encouraging women to attend them routinely.

" One individual cannot do anything. In small groups it is difficult tosave and take out a loan to invest and generate income. In a co-operative the opportunities are far greater."

September 2012


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