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In France

Médecins du Monde runs 98 humanitarian programs in France across 30 cities

In France, access to healthcare for the most disadvantaged individuals has become more and more complicated.  Médecins du Monde runs tailor made facilities to answer its public’s needs: healthcare, advice and referral clinics that offer medico-social services but also mobile units that drive around to meet the most excluded individuals where they live (streets, Roma camps, squats, etc.). MdM works across France through its network of 15 regional offices.


  • 98 programs in 30 cities
  • 2,000 volunteers and 60 employees
  • 20 Healthcare, Advice and Referral Clinic that provide care to some 30,560 patients and carry out some 44,888 consultations a year
  • 1 paediatric care centre in Mayotte
  • 63 local mobile actions: Roma camps, squats, raves, homeless and sex workers rounds
  • 2,000 volunteers

Fighting against health inequalities Through its field experience, Médecins du Monde challenges the government and seeks to remove barriers (financial, administrative etc.) to access to care.


Winter 1986: Médecins du Monde opens a health centre for the most hard done in Paris hoping it would close three months later

In 2000, MdM launched the Observatory on Access to Healthcare. Since then, each year, MdM publishes a report featuring an inventory of matters relating to health for the most precarious in France.

2012: 20 Healthcare, Advice and Referral Clinic are running in France, Mayotte and Cayenne.