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Doctors of the World's approach

Doctors of the World's approach

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The working group set up on an ad-hoc basis has enabled the definition of the key priorities :

To raise awareness amongst field actors of the international solidarity sector and its future actors (academics, research students) about the effects of the sociocultural determinants of health through forums, debates, meetings, and awareness-raising films.

To exchange and capitalise upon practice amongst these same actors through the organisation of workshops where there can be an exchange of experiences in Nepal, Kenya, etc. and the setting up of a virtual platform for the exchange of information and practice.

To reinforce the skills of those operating in the field by making them aware, in their daily practice and in the planning of projects, of the effects of sociocultural determinants by means of training and operational guides (methodological and issue-specific, about health education , about capitalisation and methods of qualitative research, violence against women…).

The SCD approach includes amongst its achievements the creation of a variety of tools for field support, a reference framework for sociocultural determinants, regularly improved, and a humanitarian tool kit.

December 2011