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Russia is facing a growing HIV epidemic especially among drug users and sex workers. These individuals are exposed to violence from the police, their clients and trafficking networks. Their working conditions, the social stigma they are victims of and the difficulties they encounter in access to healthcare make their isolation and vulnerability worse.  

What we do

At-risk population

SUpport sex workers


Awareness raising and prevention

Doctors of the World launched a programme in Moscow in 2015 aiming to improve access to care for sex workers and help them protect themselves from HIV, STIs and violence. The organisation carries out night patrols in the Russian capital and its outskirts to meet the sex workers, talk to them about infections and hand out methods of prevention (condoms, etc). In some health centres where the doctors have been briefed on becoming more aware of these issues, sex workers can have access to healthcare appropriate to their specific needs without having to give their identity. 

Organising the community

Doctors of the World works with the Russian organisations Shagui and Silver Rose to support the mobilisation of the sex workers so they become agents of their own health and quality of life, but also to help them take an active part in health-policy making. 

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