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migrants arrived in Italy by sea in 2015


people died crossing the Mediterranean


Europe is currently facing the biggest wave of migration since the end of the Second World War. In 2015, the number of refugees attempting to reach the continent increased dramatically. The busiest route remains that of crossing Turkey, Greece and the Balkans, but many are still attempting to cross the Mediterranean, reaching Italy directly.
Calabria, on the southernmost tip of Italy, saw 32,000 people arrive by sea in 2015. Access to healthcare for migrants there is particularly difficult. The Italian public health system, normally open to all, cannot cope with such a large influx of population. Administrative, cultural and linguistic barriers, in addition to lack of information, complicate the situation further.

What we do


caring for migrants


In order to facilitate access to healthcare for migrants when they land in Calabria, Doctors of the World is working with social workers in the region's reception centres, in partnership with the Italian Red Cross. Since the end of 2015, the organisation has offered first-aid and psychological and psychosocial emergency training, in particular.

Simultaneously, in Reggio, our medical teams, accompanied by cultural mediators and interpreters, are present at the port to welcome survivors as they disembark from the boats that have rescued them in the Mediterranean. They can thereby more easily invite men, women and children to speak about their ordeal and to guide them towards health facilities where they will be be cared for.


In 2015, we

  • trained 70 social workers in psychological emergency situations

  • trained 30 social workers in first aid

40 000 €

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