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4,5 million

people affected by the crisis


of those affected are particularly vulnerable


Since the beginning of the political and military crisis in Ukraine in 2013, the humanitarian situation in the east of the country has been particularly alarming. In the two provinces in the Donbas region affected by the conflict, Donesk and Luhansk, 85% of the 5.2 million inhabitants are suffering the consequences of this crisis.

The humanitarian situation in the east of the country is particularly alarming

In January 2016, the number of displaced people in the area controlled by the government of Luhansk province stood at 215,000, or one-third of the population. In the areas not controlled by the governments of the two Donbas provinces, 2.7 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, as well as a further million civilians living on the front line contested by the two parties to the conflict. The majority (around three-quarters) are particularly vulnerable - people with disabilities or chronic illnesses and the elderly –and in need of adapted services.

What we do

Victims of crises & conflicts

A team from Doctors of the World has been working in Luhansk province since June 2015, facilitating access to primary health services, sexual and reproductive health services, and mental health services and offering psychosocial support. We have two mobile clinics operating in the government-controlled area to support existing health centres and help them manage the flow of patients. We have provided some of these health centres with supplies and rehabilitated others that had suffered damage.
Doctors of the World is also providing training for healthcare staff and support to local healthcare partners.


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