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The migrant crisis, which reached its height in 2015, saw thousands of migrants entering and leaving Serbia, a country o

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Russia is facing a growing HIV epidemic, which particularly affects people who use drugs and

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The deteriorating situation in Libya and the closure of the border with Turkey have caused an increase in the number of migrants taking the Mediterranean r

The use of drugs developed very quickly in Georgia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and now affects up to 1 % of the entire population, that is 45,000 people.

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In Bulgaria, where the mortality rate of women in labour and the rate of abortion are twice as high as in the rest of Europe (almost one th

Over the last 15 years, Turkey has become a significant waypoint for migrants trying to reach Europe.

Un bénévole soigne un migrant à Calais © Olivier Papegnies

In France, 3 million people are affected by poverty, accounting for 14.3% of the total population.